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Low cost and high quality

ODK Systems provides a low cost alternative for football programs with limited budget while providing the highest quality products on the market.

Our new headsets systems are the same as everyone else on the market, only available at a cheaper cost. We purchase our systems in bulk and get a volume discount which we pass on to you, the Coach.

All refurbished systems sold by ODK undergo a rigorous 18 point inspection before they are reconditioned. If a part is even question, we ship it off to be recycled leaving us with only the best of the best.

Expert support for all products

The staff at ODK is composed of only football coaches. They not only know the product but also know the game itself. They are here to answer anything from technical questions to how your program could best utilize the headsets.

From taking the system out of the box for the first time to proper off season storage, our expert support will help you all season long.

Friendly, professional service

ODK Systems prides itself on our staff's friendly, professional attitude. Our sales staff is not commissioned based so they are simply there to assist you in finding the product that is best suited for your football program, not talk you into the most expensive option.

Our sales staff will work with you to find an affordable solution that fits your needs whether that is new headsets, a reconditioned system or simply reconditioning your current setup.

Reliability when you need it most

You wouldn't tolerate your team quitting in the fourth quarter and your headsets should be no different. Buying used headsets from eBay or Craigslist is risky because you don't know what problems you are inheriting but with ODK, you can put your focus solely on coaching because you'll know your ODK headsets are going to be there for you.

Before we even begin reconditioning a set of coaching headsets, they undergo a rigorous 18 point inspection to weed out any bad or questionable parts. What is left is only the best of the best which we then fully recondition and prep for sale. The result is a affordable, reliable headset system for your football program.

What do we do?


The ODK sales staff is made up football coaches just like you. They not only know the product but know the game and are there to help you make the decision that is right for you and your program.


ODK not only sells refurbished headsets but we also service existing headset systems. Call us today for a quote on reconditioning your current system at a fraction of the manufacturer's cost.


Do you have questions on your headsets? Whether you need advice on proper setup, storage or anything in between, ODK's support staff is here to help you any way we can.